Tax Time

As a university student you are right on the cusp of full on adulthood, and nothing says “I am a functioning adult” like getting your taxes done! The Ontario Tech Student Union wants to take the stress out of tax season by preparing your personal taxes for you. For a small fee you can set up an appointment with our Financial Controller to take the guess work out of taxes.

Referendum for a New Legal Service

OTSU Referendums

An OSTU referendum is a decision voted on by the members of our organization, full-time Ontario Tech Students. OTSU holds referendums to determine the undergraduate position on a particular topic. Referendums are a great opportunity for you as an Ontario Tech student to take direct action in making things happen.



February 10-12, 2020 the OSTU will host 4 separate referendums.


  1. Legal Protection Service

Seeking professional legal counsel can be intimidating, especially if it’s the first time you’re facing a legal issue, and legal resources aren’t always easily accessible or—most importantly—affordable for students. The Legal Protection Program would offer unlimited access to legal advice on any area of law and financially accessible legal assistance and would give students the confidence to pursue action with the support of a team of legal experts on cases related to employment, housing, or academic rights and more.

After a year of consultation and research, which included two surveys, the OTSU is putting forth a referendum vote Feb 10-12 for our membership to consider.  A fee of $28.00 per year ($14.00/semester), this fee would be eligible for students to opt out during each


Based on results from our annual Student Engagement Survey, the OTSU conducted a survey from our members to solicit feedback on students’ experience with the Canadian legal system and legal services.



The majority of respondents (89.4%) would support the OSTU’s decision to implement a legal protection program.



An overwhelming majority of respondents (97.1%) felt that it is either very important or important for students to have legal assistance and representation readily available.

Over half of respondents (62%) rated their current level of access to lawyers and/or legal services as not very accessible.



42.4% of respondents claimed to have experienced legal injustice at their workplace, place of residence, or university. Of those, more than three quarters (83.0%) did not have access to a lawyer or legal services at the time and of those, 66.4% believed their situation could have been better resolved with access to legal services.



37.8% of all respondents said that financial barriers had stopped them from seeking professional legal assistance when they wanted or needed it. An additional 38.3% were not sure if they needed/could have used legal assistance.

If the OTSU implemented a legal Protection Program 62.6% of respondents would be willing to pay $14 or more per semester.