Grab your skates and hit the ice to spend some time with your friends at the outdoor skating rink in the heart of UOIT’s campus. The UOIT Student Union operates the outdoor leisure skating rink with seasons that kick-off as early as January and run to reading week, weather permitting.

Current Skating Status: Rink Closed

Real-time updates on ice conditions, rink closures, and season and schedule changes are posted to this page by our staff.

Updated February 5, 2019 

General Hours of Operation

General hours of operation for the outdoor rink is 11:00a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays , use of the rink outside of these hours is strictly prohibited for the safety and enjoyment of the ice.

Skate/Helmet Rentals

Skate and helmet rentals are available in the UOIT Student Union Office (UL 100), portable behind the library. Skates and helmets can be signed out with your student ID card. Skates must only be worn on the skating rink and skating rink mats. Use of the skates anywhere else is prohibited for your safety and enjoyment. Please find a copy of our Skating Rental Agreement here, this is required of all participants who rent skates.

Safety & Accessibility

General Leisure Skating Rules

For the enjoyment and safety of all skate participants, please respect the following guidelines.

Helmets & Safety Equipment

Why are helmets important?

While there are no concussion-proof helmets, a hockey helmet can help protect you from a serious brain or head injury. Here are resources to more information about helmets.

Tips for First-Time Skaters

Don’t look down when skating – Newcomers to skating will often spend time looking at their feet rather than the direction they are going. Keep your head up and look in front of you.

Don’t lean backward when skating – Leaning back will likely send you flying on your backside- or worse. Keep your knees bent and your weight forward. Hold your arms out in front of you and open them wide to help stay balanced.

Falling– is part of the sport so it’s natural that it can happen. If you are able to anticipate a fall, bend your knees and squat into a dip position. Do not grab onto another skater if you are falling.

Getting Up – Get up quickly, skaters should not stay down for a prolonged period unless injured. To get up, place your hands and knees and place one foot between your hands. Repeat with your other foot and lift up until you are standing again.

Learn to stop – bend your knees slightly inward then push out with one or both of your feet. You should put a small amount of pressure on the ice so your feet will not slide out from under you. When you stop, you should have created a little bit of “snow” that was sheared off from the ice. Don’t worry if you don’t get this at first, but try-try again because you will most definitely get better with a little practice.

Relax and have fun!
Learn to skate video.

Report a problem

If you notice a problem, please let us know so that the issue can be addressed. All concerns can be sent to or can be reported in person to skate patrol.

Photo Consent

During events at the outdoor rink, photos will be taken for marketing purposes. Please review our photo consent.


Who is permitted to skate on the rink?

The outdoor rink is only open only to UOIT students, staff and faculty. At this time, Durham College and the public are unable to use the rink.

Do I need my UOIT student/staff ID?

Students, staff and faculty are required to show their ID staff/student before being permitted on the ice.

Is hockey permitted?

Hockey is a staple in Canadian culture, however for the safety of skaters and the facilities hockey and related equipment is prohibited.

Are helmets required?

CSA-approved helmets that are fitted correctly are recommended while on the ice. Helmets help to prevent serious head and brain injuries.

Are children allowed on the ice?

No, you must be 18 years of age or a student to use the ice.

Can you skate after hours?

Unfortunately, it is a risk to utilize the ice without proper supervision. Access to the rink is strictly prohibited outside the hours of operation.

How much does it cost?

The UOIT Student Union, with the support of UOIT, has brought this winter experience to students at no cost. Access to the rink and free skate/helmet rentals is at first come first serve basis.

Where do I put my shoes purse or belongings while I skate?

The UOIT Student Union and UOIT are not responsible for lost or stolen items. There will be some lockers available onsite at first come first serve basis. Please bring your own lock to secure.

Are wheelchairs allowed on the ice?

Wheelchair users are welcome on the ice. Powered or non-powered wheelchairs can go on the ice if they can be safely operated. Participants with wheelchairs will need to be accompanied by an aide.

Do I need socks if I am renting skates?

For hygiene reasons, all participants renting skates must wear socks.