We want to make your time in Clubs and Societies a memorable one, so we’ve developed a comprehensive list of Executive resources to have your student group maximizing its impact!






You’ve got an idea for an event and to bring it to fruition you will need to submit an Event Form

  • Successful events take planning
    Submit your Event Form 20 days prior to your event
  • It’s all in the details
    Provide plenty of detail to help process your form
  • Flexibility is the key
    Space is limited on campus, have a backup plan


Here are some important things to consider when planning your event.


All ticket sales for Club and Society Events are to be done online using the handy dandy EventBrite! Once your event has been approved, email the Clubs and Societies Office to ask to be added to our EventBrite account and the link will be emailed back to you.

What you can do, is use EventBrite to set up your own event page to track sales, process refunds and sell tickets.
What you can’t do is create your own EventBrite account for your events.


To get the most of your event you have to budget effectively. Have all of your expenses mapped out in your Event Form and ask yourself the tried and true question “do we really need this?”. Creativity is huge and it’s important to think of the best way to make the most of your funding!


Sometimes your events may extend beyond these hallowed halls of academia, and that’s okay! If you’re planning an off-campus event consider how you will be traveling there. Will the event begin and end off campus, will a bus be required? These answers are integral to the Event Application and will dictate if you need a Travel Waiver or not.


Once your event has been approved it’s time to market- but before even that, you should be considering the best ways to promote your amazing event. Social Media can be a huge advantage in event promotion, leverage the tools you have and be sure to have any Marketing Materials approved by the C&S Office.


Being a student can be tough, and sometimes that can be made worse when the hunger kicks in. You can cater your events using your Base Funding but there are some restrictions.

Executive meetings cannot be catered and you cannot spend more than $250 per year on catering. As well, all on-campus events must be catered by Aramark, you can email us for information on how to go about ordering!


Whether hosting an event, awarding a prize, or traveling off campus, we have the forms you need. Our Form Library has a copy of all of our Club and Society Forms, laid out to take you from event idea, to event completed!


If you want to host your event off campus, we may need the following forms from the venue or vendor:



Don’t want to miss a deadline?


When you are an official ratified Student Union Club, you are eligible to receive funding to maximize your impact on campus. Here are the three types of funding:


Ratified Clubs can receive up to $500 in Base Funding, which can be used for purchasing general supplies, posters, food for open events, and more!

Base Funding cannot be used for food/beverages for executive meetings, clothing for executive members, alcohol, donations, or Master Card/Visa Gift cards.

If you are unsure if an expense will be covered, reach out to our Clubs and Societies Department, we are happy to help!


This funding type is generated through sponsorships, fund raising, and sales profit (from tickets/merch/food etc.). These funds must be deposited into your account via the Clubs and Societies Office.


You’re students, you’re visionaries, and sometimes that vision can be larger than the size of your wallets. One way to remedy this issue is through sponsorships, which are an agreement with an external party to offer financial or logistical support to your group.

Getting a sponsorship will require effective communication and maybe even some hustle on your group’s part. These are valuable relationships for your group and can greatly enhance the impact of your events.

Looking for ways to entice potential sponsors? Try offering them ad space at your event, a booth or signage, these offerings can go a long way in developing solid relationships!

If you are unsure where to start, send us an email, we have pre-made templates to help you get started!


All of our awesome Forms, in one easy to use Library! Download the form you need and proceed with taking over the world!


Why don’t Societies Receive Base Funding?

In the past Societies have received Base Funding from the UOIT Student Union. As of May 1st 2019, this arrangement has been altered as the funds typically reserved for Base Funding have been reallocated to provide office space for the Societies in the new Student Centre Building. This decision was made in conjunction with the Presidents of the Societies and other Club and Society representatives.

I want more information about how to get Sponsors, what should I do?

We want to make sure you have all the tools needed to make the greatest impact. Email us to set up an appointment for how to make the most of your Sponsorship requests!

Why can’t I download the Participation and Travel Waivers?

These forms require the Clubs and Societies Department to tailor them to your specific event, if you require one shoot us an email!

Do Clubs and Societies need a Constitution?

Every student group has the opportunity to adopt a constitution, but it is only mandatory for Societies. A constitution is a brief outline of the purpose, structure and rules of a student group. Every Constitution needs to be approved by the Clubs and Societies Office so email us if you need a hand!

Can I be in a Club/Society if I opted out of the fee?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot. We want to allow all students to have the opportunity to provide meaningful experiences on campus. For that to work, and to be sustainable, we need to ensure that those who are using the Clubs system are opted in.

Can I opt out mid-year for a refund?

Once the deadline to pay your fees has passed you are not eligible to opt out of these fees

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