Board of Directors

For Students, by Students

As a unified voice for the students, the Ontario Tech Student Union is overseen by a Board of Directors that is comprised of elected student representatives from each faculty of Ontario Tech.

The Board is tasked with preserving the mission of the Student Union in all aspects of the organization.

It is also the responsibility of the Board of Directors to set the limitations of the President while also monitoring performance, evaluate the strategic direction of the organization and approve the annual budget.

As stewards of the organization, it is also the Board of Directors responsibility to insure adherence to the federal Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Who they are?

They are you! Student elected representatives from each faculty who want to make a big impact on our student organization.

What they do?

They represent you! Throughout the high level operations of the Student Union, the Board is tasked with preserving our mission to enhance the student experience.

How they do it?

They are elected by you! During our General Elections you have the opportunity to vote in your representatives to bring your voice to the table.

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How do you join the Board?
You can run for an available Board position in our general election! For more information visit our Election page.
What are Board meetings?
A formal meeting of the OTSU Board of Directors and its members to discuss and vote on policies and issues facing Ontario Tech students. Meetings are held at definite intervals presided over by the Board Chair of the OTSU or the Vice-Chair. Meetings must meet the quorum requirements and its deliberations must be recorded in the meeting minutes. Under the OTSU Bylaws, all directors ,even if absent, are bound by the resolutions passed at meetings.
Who can attend Board meetings?
All members (full-time UOIT students) are eligible to attend board meetings. It is important to note that only members of the Board have speaking rights at the meeting. Members do not have the ability to participate in the meeting and are only able to observe unless invited to speak by the Board Chair prior to a meeting.
What is an in-camera session?
In-camera (Latin for ‘in chambers’) is a legal term for a private session. Discussions of ongoing court cases, human resources, and real estate are conducted in-camera. Sessions and minutes are not open to members, the public or press.

For inquires on in-camera sessions, please contact the Board Chair:


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