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Your University Experience, Just Enhanced.

We’re all about making your student experience better! We offer amazing services, a robust Clubs & Societies system, a comprehensive Health and Dental Plan, a lovely esports community, and effective student advocacy.


We’re you- sort of...

The OTSU is a student led, non-profit organization, which means that we don’t move, unless it’s in the best interest of students.
What we offer


Clubs and Societies are created for students by students, and we’re there to help! Join groups based on hobbies, interests, faculty or aspirations.

Keeping you healthy is a big priority for us, so we’ve got you covered for prescription, vision, dental, massage and more!

Nothing says being an adult like having to file income taxes. For only $20 you get an appointment with our staff and your taxes filled - no guesswork required.

We offer a space on-campus for Downtown students to participate in independent, drop-in, self-care activities to promote individual wellness and mindfulness.

Developed to support you, we address academic and non-academic rights, as well as petitions and appeals.

We have a collection of gently used professional clothing to elevate your look for a job interview, career fair, or networking event - at no cost!

Trouble with your landlord, boss, or academic considerations? Our legal service provides 24 hour support and $1000 worth of coverage in the event you require legal aid.

Esports is the answer to your competitive itch! Hone your skills competing with schools across the continent in some of the best games out there.

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How can we help you?

What is the OTSU?

We are a lovely not-for-profit organization that exists to enhance your student experience. Our Executive Team members are students elected by you, to reflect your voice. We offer services and events to make the most of your time at Ontario Tech, such as Clubs & Societies, a Health and Dental Plan, O-Week programming, and more!

Who runs the OTSU?

In a way- you do! The Executive team that oversees the organization, are all students that were elected by the campus community. You put your faith in them, and we take that very seriously when it comes to our decision making.

How do I Get Involved?

The student experience is a part of all we do, so with that said, we want you to Get Involved in everything! You can run for our Executive Positions, be a member of our Board of Directors, sit in on a committee, start or join a Club, volunteer at an event, or just hang around our office and say hi; we’re a pretty cool group.

How do I keep up-to-date on what the OTSU is doing?

You visiting our website is a great start! You can also follow our social media channels (@the_otsu) where we are constantly interacting with students just like you.

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